Taxi Application Proposal



Now you can book a taxi from your smartphone effortlessly to get to your destination in minimum time with estimated travel time and estimated fare for your trip. Competing in the taxi industry is not impossible even with industry giants with a niche marketing strategy.  Choosing your niche can be a country, region, vehicle type, pricing strategy or device, or even technology.

Taxi applications can be developed with a dedicated driver app and client app or as a hybrid app approach for driver and client. Targeting Android and iOS devices will support to offer of cross-platform services regardless of device.

Taxi Applications are effective passive income streams for any individual or business. Taxi Application Proposal service covers the below structure. But is not limited based on your custom requirements further accommodation can be supported,

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. About your organization
  4. Current State
  5. Expected Outcomes
  6. Project Approach
  7. Design and UI/UX (Upto 3 Wireframes)
  8. Technology Stack, Timeline, and Budget

The taxi application proposal will also support you to set the product vision and understand the expected outcomes and building the product road map to get there.

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