Parking Management Solution Proposal



Parking Management Solution is an ideal approach to getting into the market for tech start-ups. Finding a parking slot is a hassle for any driver when it comes to urban and commercialized areas. Traffic rules and regulations are strict and your vehicle can be fined or towed away due to parking at unauthorized locations.

The Parking Management Solution Proposal addresses the problem with a solution to find the parking you need with a few simple steps. The solution uses the simple methodology of allocating available spaces in the database pre-input by the parking solution company and assigning it to the most suited parking client conveniently.  The solution allows the client to reach the parking slot easily with map-based navigation to reach with comfort. The solution can be also powered with AI and Machine Learning algorithms with IoT for smart parking options.

Parking Management Solution Proposal service covers the below structure. But is not limited based on your custom requirements further accommodation can be supported,

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. About your organization
  4. Current State
  5. Expected Outcomes
  6. Project Approach
  7. Design and UI/UX (Upto 3 Wireframes)
  8. Technology Stack, Timeline, and Budget

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