Discussion Forum Portal Proposal



Discussion Forum Portal Proposal intends to deliver a discussion forum for any market domain similar to StackOverflow with advanced features to discuss, and resolve, the problems of your business domain. Monetization can be planned with advertising and membership plans.

We recommend StackOverflow as the blueprint due to its features and it allows you to expand your business to a new dimension as a working live prototype.

The proposed solution will include features for development and developer guidelines as additional add-ons for the proposal.

Discussion Forum Portal Proposal service covers the below structure. But is not limited based on your custom requirements further accommodation can be supported,

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. About your organization
  4. Current State
  5. Expected Outcomes
  6. Project Approach
  7. Design and UI/UX (Upto 3 Wireframes)
  8. Technology Stack, Timeline, and Budget

The proposal solution service supports conceptualizing the discussion forum platform similar to StackOverflow and provides the developer with the start of the work on the project.

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